Culinary Quests

culinary-quests-logo-transparentCulinary Quests meets the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  This group chooses a food theme or culture to explore each month.  Participants bring a covered dish and recipe to share with the group, and their own table service. Contact us at 742-3831 for more information.

January – Underground Food – Roots
February – Poland
March – Noodles
April – Roman – modern or ancient
May – No Meeting
June – Soul Food
July – Sicilian
August – BBQ
September – Street Food
October – Tapas
November – Pub Food
December – No Meeting

January – Pick a Decade
February – Peru
March – Peasant Food – Traditional humble dishes from any culture
April – Favorite Chef
May – Filled Foods – Tacos, Pitas, Cream Puffs, and more
June – The Basque
July – Expand Your Pantry – Use an ingredient you haven’t used before
August – Recipe from my Favorite Cookbook
September – Ireland
October – 18th Century American
November – Favorite Dish from Childhood
December – No Meeting

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